We have the knowledge and experience
In the following areas:
Counthink has extensive experience in accounting for new technology companies. We are well acquainted with the specifics of start-ups, which we support at every level of development. This ranges from setting up the company to bookkeeping and assistance with participation in investment rounds. We are not only an accounting service for them, but also a reliable business partner.

Alternative investment companies (ASIs) are gaining popularity. Proper ASI accounting requires proper competence in both accounting and taxation. Their specificity imposes on accounting, among other things, the preparation of reports to the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and periodic reporting to the Financial Ombudsman. With our skilled employees who understand the complexities of the ASI accounting process, you can rest assured that everything is in the best hands.

Sole proprietorships

At Counthink, we are very familiar with the challenges faced by owners of sole proprietorships (JDGs). We offer support at every stage of JDG development.

From business registration to bookkeeping to tax optimization advice. We understand that running a sole proprietorship is a unique challenge. We are up to date with all changes in tax law. With our experienced team, which is very familiar with the specifics of this type of business, you can be sure that we will take care of all aspects of your accounting.


The popularity of foundations and associations is steadily increasing, hence the role of accounting in such organizations is becoming increasingly important. Foundations and associations are required to keep books of accounts, and prepare financial statements. These organizations are characterized by considerable specificity, which is due to the origin of their funding sources, i.e. Donations, membership fees, grants, or paid economic activities.

Our team has extensive experience in providing comprehensive accounting and payroll services to foundations and associations. We also know how important reporting to Founders, or external Investors, is when running a foundation, so we also provide reports that show a full, transparent picture of the activities of these entities.


If you are a software developer and are thinking about starting a sole proprietorship (JDG) or opening an innovative IT start-up, we will help you with all the formalities related to both the establishment of the company, its accounting and the implementation of modern tax benefits.

We also provide accounting services to larger entities, practicing in the IT industry, which are leaders in this market.

We provide comprehensive services in the processes of implementing IP BOX tax credits, research and development (R&D) credits, prototype or robotization credits. We prepare full documentation, settle taxes at preferential rates, and represent our clients during audits.

Take advantage of the preferential income tax rate, reducing it to 5%.


The e-commerce (electronic commerce) industry has grown rapidly in recent years. A large number of companies have moved their operations to the virtual world. Our team follows trends and has extensive experience in accounting for this business segment. Our accountants know the ins and outs of this industry and how to streamline e-commerce accounting processes.

We have tools and accounting systems that we integrate with the client’s system so as to minimize the workload on the client’s side. We know how to correctly account for foreign sales, help you register for the OSS (One Stop Shop) VAT procedure, and account for various payment channels such as PayU, Stripe, Przelewy24, DotPay. Our portfolio includes retail companies with their own online stores, as well as those that sell online through portals such as Allegro, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify.

Our team of specialists will take care of your business and provide comprehensive legal tax advice so that you can focus solely on its development!


Since the beginning of our office, accounting for the accounting side of grants and subsidies has been our main specialty. Our team’s many years of experience in this area is a great added value. Accounting for companies receiving public funds requires a very high degree of accuracy and adherence to the requirements strictly set forth in funding agreements.

We help our clients create a specialized chart of accounts that is required for project documentation and accounting policies. We also present mechanisms for efficient allocation of costs into eligible, ineligible and indirect costs.

We know how important it is to have a proper mechanism for document control and monitoring of payments in line with the funding schedule.

We are familiar with the system supporting the implementation of SL2014 grants.

Our BI analysis department handles reports for Investors, the forms of which are strictly defined in funding agreements, and the accounting team provides support during audits.

We have extensive experience in all support programs from public funds such as NCBR (Fast Track), PARP (FENG), BRIdge Alpha, PFR, European Funds, as well as private Venture Capital funds.


Management reports are an essential tool for managing an organization or its segments. They show key indicators and their volatility, and allow references to plans, budgets and previous reporting periods.

Companies, and mainly start-ups at the beginning of their path, very often use external sources of funding, such as investment funds, VentureCapital or Business Angels. Investors, having no insight into the economic events taking place at the company, expect timely and meticulous reporting from their beneficiaries, presenting the current financial situation.

Our BI analysis department offers extensive support in the process of creating management reports. We will help you create a template that meets all the criteria required by the developer.

Our offer includes the creation and analysis of various areas, such as budgets, management reports, project profitability reports, sales value, margin value, revenue and cost structure.

Group accounting is often broken down by each company. Our office offers group services using cloud solutions. This keeps the entire workflow of documents and payments in one place. Among our services are. Bookkeeping, support for audits and inspections, and preparation of consolidated financial and management reports.

Issuers on the NewConnect market are small and medium-sized joint-stock companies looking to raise financing. It is well known that listed companies must comply with strict financial reporting requirements arising from their public trading. They are obliged to publish current reports with information on contracts, investments or stock transactions, as well as periodic reports presenting financial status on specific dates.

By working with us, you will no longer have to worry about this, we will perform the reports for you with the utmost care, within the deadlines set by law.