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Accounting office

The maintenance of personnel and payroll records plays an important role in ensuring the proper operation of a company that employs workers and in maintaining compliance with applicable labor and social benefit regulations.
Our human resources and payroll department offers a wide range of services related to the employment of employees, from the preparation of contracts and maintenance of personnel files, to the preparation of payrolls and the settlement of Social Security (ZUS) contributions and taxes.
We offer:
  • Maintenance of employee personnel files.
  • Notification and de-registration of employees from Social Security.
  • Records of civil law contracts.
  • Preparation of payroll.
  • Preparing and sending settlement documents to Social Security and the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PEFRON).
  • Handling of Employee Capital Plans (ECPs).
  • Estonian CIT Service.
  • Sick pay accrual and leave handling.
  • Active participation in inspections from the State Labor Inspectorate (PIP) and Social Security.
Our offer is aimed at entities that care about developing the potential of their company. We provide comprehensive full accounting services in accordance with applicable laws. Our experienced team of professionals keeps their knowledge up to date.
We provide accounting services on the basis of state-of-the-art IT programs that guarantee the protection of data and its smooth flow between our specialists and the client.

Our portfolio includes limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnerships, civil partnerships, general partnerships and partnerships. We also serve capital groups and entities listed on NewConnect.
We offer:
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Settlement of accounts.
  • Conducting value added tax (VAT) settlements.
  • Determination of advance payments for corporate income tax (CIT).
  • Keeping records of fixed assets.
  • Representation before tax authorities and active participation in audits.
  • Handling payments and bank accounts.
  • Estonian CIT Service.
  • Prepare accounting policies and develop a chart of accounts.
  • Preparation of financial statements (including consolidated).
  • Financial reporting and management reporting.
  • Handling audits and due diligence.
We also provide simplified accounting services. While running your business, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about complicated accounting issues, deadlines or limits.
What, among other things. are we dealing with?
  • Maintaining a Revenue and Expense Ledger / Revenue records on a lump sum basis.
  • Conducting VAT settlements.
  • Calculation of advance payments for personal income tax (PIT).
  • Keeping records of fixed assets.
  • Preparation of Social Security settlements.
  • Accounting for delegations.
  • Settlement of annual tax returns and statements.
  • Representation of the client before the tax authorities and Social Security.